Keith Lemon's MouthboardKeith Lemon’s Mouthboard

Following on from our previous successful apps for Leigh Francis, we took his popular Keith Lemon character and launched an app for the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch in the App Store. It has been a great success, which is measured by the 270,000+ paid downloads at £1.19 it had in it’s first month on sale. It held the number one spot in the UK paid and grossing iOS App Charts for three weeks, knocking Angry Birds off the top spot, amongst many others.

To date it has cleared over 400,000 sales and is still going strong, and is still a regular top 50 UK app.

2011 saw premium ringtones launched that immediately stormed to the top of the ringtone charts, all due to smart marketing leveraged by the features built in to the app to drive sales onwards to further iPhone OS based products.

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