90° (90 Degrees)90° (90 Degrees)

Ready for a puzzle game with a new twist?

Explore the exciting world of 90° – an addictive mechanical puzzle game, 90° plunges you into adventure with 60 carefully designed and challenging levels, which will have you on the edge of your seat for hours!

Your goal is to collect as much energy as you can whilst turning your wrench as few times as possible to get to the end.

You have a limited number of rotations, so use them wisely!

Every level is a new puzzle, where you have to match the shapes and colours of the gears with your wrench. With every 90 degree turn, you get closer to your goal. Use your strategy skills to make as less rotations as possible to collect the energy and turn on the light!

Features of 90° include:

  • 60 challenging puzzles – Collect energy with just few turns of your wrench to earn higher ranks.
  • Moving stations, switches, explosive stations and lights – Prepare for the ultimate challenge!
  • Leaderboards via Apple’s Game Center
  • Share your scores on Facebook and Twitter
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