Ready for a puzzle game with a new twist? Explore the exciting world of 90° – an addictive mechanical puzzle game, 90° plunges you into adventure with 60 carefully designed and challenging levels, which will have you on the edge of your seat for hours! Your goal is to collect as much energy as you can whilst turning your wrench as few times as possible to get to the end. You have a limited number of rotations, so use them … Continue >

The Wallace & Gromit ‘Chat-O-Matic’ is a newly created app produced for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, by Widebeam Digital in conjunction with Aardman. The app works as a traditional soundboard to listen to all your favourite ‘Wallace’isms’ or the real fun can be had when in ‘Chat-O-Matic’ mode. In this mode you can queue your favourites, then turn the device over and place under your nose, and you now have the mouth and voice of Wallace. Chat-O-Matic breaks mobile … Continue >

Following on from our previous successful apps for Leigh Francis, we took his popular Keith Lemon character and launched an app for the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch in the App Store. It has been a great success, which is measured by the 270,000+ paid downloads at £1.19 it had in it’s first month on sale. It held the number one spot in the UK paid and grossing iOS App Charts for three weeks, knocking Angry Birds off the top spot, amongst … Continue >

At Widebeam even simple ideas can come to life. We needed a handy torch so we could sneak to the fridge whilst late night coding. The result is Megalight, a simple and effective torch for your iPhone (iPhone 4 only). Utilising the flash LED light we have created a beautifully crafted, handy bright light for those moments in the dark, whatever they may be.

We entered the app store arena with Proper Bo, it made a big impact and it is still going strong. It is a classic example of how you can take a collection of television characters and make an app that the fans enjoy and still do.

We jumped at the chance to work with the two dudes, well their digital form at least! Bill And Ted’s Excellent Soundboard let’s you relive the classic moments of ‘Excellent Adventure’. We worked closely with Rand Marlis at CLC to make an app true to the most outstanding duo. It even allows you to air guitar just like them so you can celebrate those triumphant moments in their own special way.

We were approached by Pett Productions, the makers of ‘Shooting Stars’ for BBC2 and asked to produce an app for their new score keeper, Angelos Epithemiou. Rather than just a simple soundboard, we went one step further and included a rhythm tapping game, based on his infamous use of a certain dance track.  Once the artists of the track were happy to be involved, we designed a addictive and frantic experience based on Angelos’ most well known activities. The game, … Continue >

We approached Hat Trick Productions about turning their successful E4 show Fonejacker into an app.  Subsequently we launched an app for the Apple iOS market in March 2010. It has been a great success, which is measured by the 400,000+ paid downloads logged within its first 18 months of sale. Upon its release, our exclusive marketing helped the Fonejacker app rocket up the UK charts to the number one highest grossing app, and a few months later was holding a … Continue >