App Case Studies

Keith Lemon’s Mouthboard!

Following on from our previous successful apps for Leigh Francis, we took his popular Keith Lemon character and launched an app for the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch in the App Store. It has been a great success, which is measured by the 270,000+ paid downloads at £1.19 it had in it’s first month on sale. It held the number one spot in the UK paid and grossing iOS App Charts for three weeks, knocking Angry Birds off the top spot, amongst many others.


We approached Hat Trick Productions about turning their successful E4 show Fonejacker into an app.  Subsequently we launched an app for the Apple iOS market in March 2010. It has been a great success, which is measured by the 400,000+ paid downloads we have had since launch, including in app purchases.

Upon its release, we helped the Fonejacker app rocket up the UK charts to the number one highest grossing app, and a few months later was holding a very respectable position up near the top, whilst many other TV based apps come and go, it continues to sell a year later, still regularly seen within the top 50 UK overall apps. This is due to regular updates and the creation of a sophisticated and slick app that users love to keep coming back to and tell their friends about.


We were approached by Pett Productions, the makers of ‘Shooting Stars’ for BBC2 and asked to produce an app for their new score keeper, Angelos Epithemiou. Rather than just a simple soundboard, we went one step further and made a tap tap style game, based on his infamous use of a certain dance track.  Once the artists of the track were happy to be involved, we designed an addictive and frantic experience based on Angelos’ most well known activities. The game, almost an app itself, made the app a cult hit among his growing fan base. The game however is only one of 8 fun sections to the app.